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About the artist 
      a short biography

Mathias Rusch, 7.9.1927 - 22.9.2003


"We humans always want the greatest, the best, want to jump from peak to peak.We are like artists on the trapeze, performing the most daring leaps and hoping not to fall.But we must also be able to fall - on Christ. For this we need a kind of basic trust. I think, despite all the artistry, that love and trust are the most important things in our lives - not the daring jumps that the audience applauds."


Born in Zurich in 1927. Painting lessons with Karl Huber. Studied at the W.D.Academy of Art, London. Study visits to Rome, Paris, Munich and other cities in Europe. Member of L'Art Libre, Paris and the Société des Artistes Français. 


Besides exhibitions in Paris, London, New Orleans, Atlanta and other world cities, various exhibitions in Switzerland: Zurich (Galerie Walcheturm, Prisma), Lausanne (Arc-en-ciel), Pfäffikon (Kulturzentrum), Ascona (Museo Comunale) and many more... Various prizes and awards at international exhibitions in Paris or Lyon. 

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